Human Performance Laboratory Resources

Laboratory Facilities in Gampel Pavilion

104: Biomechanics and Motion Capture Laboratory

106: Metabolic Testing Laboratory

108: Environmental Exercise Physiology Laboratory

110: Exercise Biochemistry and Immunology Laboratory

112: Human Performance Laboratory Main Laboratory

112: DXA (Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry) Bone Density and Body Composition Laboratory

Sample of Equipment in the HPL


bikes, ergometers

force plates

physical performance testing (handgrip dynamometers, Y-balance, vertec, jump mat)

metabolic cart (VO2, RMR)

DXA scanner

BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis)

YSI 2400 Biochemical Analyzer (e.g., glucose, lactate, glutamine)

Accuri C6 flow cytometer

Spectramax plate reader

multi-mode and absorbance plate reader (fluorescence, luminescence, absorbance)

ultrasound (FMD)


centrifuges (micro-, refrigerated, multiple adaptors)

ultralow freezers for biological sample storage

liquid nitrogen dewars

cell culture clean bench


Stratagene MxPro RT-PCR

tissue homogenizer

video motion capture system


Motion capture and movement analysis informs us about injury susceptibility and form related to performance and fatigue

Measuring oxygen consumption rate (VO2) during exercise allows us to assess performance and calculate substrate utilization